Ibiza Goes Hard announces second part line-up

Lisa van den Broek
By Lisa van den Broek

From 28th of June till the 3th of July it is time for Ibiza Goes Hard. For the 7th edition of this event there are some DJ’s announced. During this event you can enjoy hardcore, frenchcore, uptempo and many more of the hardest styles.

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The announcement of the line-up is divided in three parts. The organisation has recentely announced, the second part of the line-up. When the third part of the line-up will be announced is not known yet. The first two parts of the line-up are standing below.

Hard, harder, hardest during Ibiza Goes Hard

For tickets and more information about the event, please visit the official Facebook-page.

Ibiza Goes Hard line-up phase 1 & 2

• Partyraiser
• Destructive Tendencies
• DJ Mad Dog
• The Sickest Squad
• The DJ Producer
• Art of Fighters
• Lady Dammage
• F.Noize
• Tripped
• Sefa
• I:Gor
• Sandy Warez
• Frenchfaces
• The Braindrillerz
• Detest
• Repix
• Vandal!sm
• eDub
• Penta
• Angernoizer
• Estasia
• Hatred
• Al Twisted
• Miss Enemy
• Rob Da Rhythm
• Streiks & Kratchs
• Bulletproof
• Joe ET
• Big Worm & Demonic Technique

Omslagfoto via Facebook-pagina Ibiza Goes Hard

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