Is Dominator going to expand and become a camping experience?

Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

Dominator is the biggest hardcore gathering in the world, which usually takes place on one day. However, in the current evolution survey, the organisers ask visitors what they think of a Dominator camping experience. Is the world’s biggest hardcore event going to expand and become even bigger?

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With 7 stages, covering the major hardcore subgenres plus raw hardstyle, and 50 thousands of visitors from all over the world, there’s no event on the planet which unites more hardcore lovers. Usually the party happens in 12 hours, but there’s a slight indication that this might change for the upcoming edition. To evolve the event, organiser publish surveys between two editions, which fans can fill in to share their feedback. Among many others, the survey asks several questions about camping, leading to that one which could change the whole Dominator experience: “If Dominator Festival would be extended with a Camping and a Friday pre-party, how likely is it that you would attend all days and stay on the Camping?”

Below this question, there’s a note, which looks like a hint that the possibility of a Dominator weekend festival is more than just speculation: “The pre-party on Friday is only accessible for hotel- and camping guests.” Furthermore, the organisation wants to know, which aspects are important for campers and which price they’d be willing to pay for a camping spot around the festival ground, in which you can arrive on Friday and leave on Sunday. Since the questions are already quite detailed, fans can hope that these hints become reality, if survey participants like the idea. We would love to see Dominator returning in 2020 even bigger and longer than ever.

Will the world’s biggest hardcore festival become even bigger?

If you want to share your opinion about Dominator (even if you have never been there) and a possible camping area, you can fill in the survey here. The main day of Dominator Festival will take place at E3 Strand in Eersel on Saturday, 18th July 2020. If the thoughts mentioned above are right, the madness already starts on Friday, 17th July. To stay up to date, you can attend the official Facebook event.

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