Is Hardcore4life going to celebrate its 20th anniversary in Ahoy Rotterdam?

Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

Visitors of Thunderdome got handed over a magazine at the end of the event. Remarkably, it contains a giant, burning ‘4’ with the text “20 Years of Hardcore Legacy”, which caught our attention right away…

There’s not that much information to it, but the ‘4’ has a lot of the same aspects as the Hardcore4life logo, if you ask us. As one of the oldest and longest running B2S events, the concept has a huge legacy when it comes down to hardcore music. When we take a look at the statistics and old party agendas, we can see that B2S organised the very first edition back in 2001 and this means it will have its 20th anniversary next year.

With the upcoming milestone and the well-known ‘4’ in flames featured in the Thunderdome Magazine, it wouldn’t surprise us if the organisation is up to something spectacular in the iconic Sportpaleis of Ahoy Rotterdam. We sure hope so! As soon as there is more information available, you’ll find it right here.

Hardcore4life in Ahoy Rotterdam? “20 Years of Hardcore Legacy”

hardcore 4 life 20 years event

Footage taken from Facebook page Hardcore4life by b2s

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