Is this the follow up of ‘Sound Becomes One’..?

Lisa van den Broek
By Lisa van den Broek

A special collab with a deep meaning. ‘Sound becomes One‘, the collaboration between uptempo hardcore pioniers Partyraiser & Destructive Tendencies, became the best track of 2015 and came along at all the big events since it’s release. Good news for the fans, because there is a big chance that there will be a second part very soon.

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When Partyraiser‘s dad died, he and Destructive Tendencies got together for a musical honor. This track, which has over 2,1 million views on YouTube, became a huge hit and a lot of gabbers can recognize themselves in the iconic song. Today the gentlemen are, together with Partyraiser’s wife, working in the studio again to give a follow up to ‘Sound Becomes One‘. Through a poll on Partyraiser’s Instagram-account, 92% fo the public agreed with ‘Sound Becomes Two‘.

Partyraiser & Destructive Tendencies – Sound Becomes One Part 2

At the moment the collab is still in the making, so we have to wait for a preview. When the track will be released has not been announced yet, but there is a chance that the track will be played at Intents Festival. Partyraiser, Destructive Tendencies and Bulletproof are performing in the Dynamite-area on Saturday.

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