KARMA Outdoor opens ticket sales as the first hardcore festival of 2021

Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

KARMA Outdoor is going to open ticket sales again, after we have been without parties for a while. This makes the event the very first hardcore festival of the year and you can be there.

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KARMA Outdoor is scheduled for the 10th of July, which is more than a week and a half after the start of the Dutch government guarantee fund (from July 1) and this fortunately gives some breathing space for events. “Time to put on our Nikes again and party with your Gabbers, who you have missed at a party for so long!”, says the organization.

Because a large part of the tickets have already been sold last year (but the coronavirus unfortunately put an end to the 2020 editions), there are fewer tickets available than usual. All previously purchased tickets (also for the edition in Veghel) remain valid for the upcoming edition. VIP members and voucher holders have been given the opportunity to purchase tickets by email. “Make sure to place order on time!”

KARMA Outdoor: the first hardcore festival of 2021

Tickets for KARMA Outdoor are available from Tuesday the 9th February at 19:00. For tickets and more information, visit the official event website.

Footage taken from Facebook page KARMA House Classics

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