Korsakoff & Partyraiser are working on a collab

Shenna van der Velden
By Shenna van der Velden

Korsakoff and Partyraiser revealed that there will be a collaboration between the two. This means a collab between The Queen of Hardcore and The King of Uptempo, the ultimate royal combination. 

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Partyraiser and Korsakoff announced through social media that they will come with new music. The collaboration between these two DJ’s – who both play at the biggest stages – is very surprising and the track has already been played for some times. The collab ‘Deep & Dirty’ was played at several events as Defqon.1 and the collab was also on the CD of Syndicate, but has never been released. Both DJ’s are very curious about the reactions: “Let us know what you think!”

New music is coming: a Korsakoff & Partyraiser collab

When the track will be released is unknown. You can find Partyraiser and Korsakoff both at the mainstage of Masters of Hardcore, so who knows…

Photo’s by Facebook-page Korsakoff & website b2s / Snakepit

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