Label Triple SIX Records welcomes Orian

Maartje Hagenbeek
By Maartje Hagenbeek

A few years ago DRS started his own label Triple SIX Records. With his label he wants to give new and hard working talent a chance to take over the hardcore scene. Since the birth, a lot of tracks were released on the label and they also produced four albums on which all the talented Triple SIX artists were represented. A few DJ’s who signed at this label are Estasia, MBK and Bass Instinct.

But now a new talent will be added to this list. Yesterday they announced that Orian will be the newest addition to the label. Triple SIX Records shared this news through their Facebook-page. “We proudly present our next signed artist. Make some noise 4: Orian”, was the caption underneath this picture. The DJ himself shared this post and told that he is glad to be a part of Triple SIX.

Earlier this year, the French DJ released his EP ‘All Right Now’, but from now on his productions will be released on DRS his label. It is not yet known when we can expect the first production of Orian at Triple SIX Records.

Footage taken from Facebook-page Orian

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