Lies that you’re definitely going to hear this festival season

Bob Ligthart
By Bob Ligthart

Everybody knows it: when a festival is comping up the first lies are also already coming your way. “I don’t know for sure if I’m going” or “from now on I’m taking it easy.” The festival season starts this weekend with REBiRTH Festival, which means everybody has their best excuses ready. These are the sentences you know aren’t true. 

1. “No I’m not going, I’m taking it easy”

You know that friend who is always in doubt about visiting a festival, because he believes he has to take it easy. “I already have many festivals planned” or “I don’t have the money for it.” Of course you already know he will go anyway, sometimes even with a bit of pressure from you. For all of these drama queens, just buy a ticket already!

2. “I’ll be back soon, just wait here”

When you’ve just settled at a stage and your mate comes to you: “I’m out for a sec, wait here for me.” You just keep on doing your thing, believing he’ll come back soon. But on his way to the toilet, bar or god knows what, your friend sees some familiar faces or hears a sick track at another stage. Two groups of friends, 10 kilometers and 3 hours later he finally returns to you.

3. “I know to which DJs I’m going already”

Especially on the big festivals it’s a hard job to choose between sets. The real planners make their own timetable before the event, which includes all the DJs they want to see. “I’m holding on to my timetable for life, because I cannot miss these DJs.” Once at the festival you may hold on to this planning for three sets, but after that you just don’t.

4. “We have the entire weekend, so Friday we’re taking it easy”

When entering a weekend festival, you have an entire weekend in front of you. You and your friends say to each other you’re taking it easy the first day, because “we’ve got the entire weekend.” Once your tent stands, the music’s loud and you’re in the mood, you’ve completely forgotten about the deal. Saturday morning you’re absolutely hangover just like the other days of the weekend.

5. “I’m not going to any after”

The festival has ended and it’s time to go home… Or to an after. During the last set everybody starts speculating about the location of the after: “At your place?” Sometimes you’re telling yourself to stay strong and tell them you’re not going, because you already have been partying the entire day. When at the end of the festival, you forget the deal with yourself and you find yourself at the parking place of the event with a friend for a good old afterparty.

6. “That was a good party, now it’s been enough for a while”

When the afterparty is over and you and your mates are coming together the next day to tell all of the stories, there’s always that one person who says: “That was a good party, but now it’s been enough for a while.” A big part of the group already starts laughing of course, since they know that’s not tue. Within a short period of time you and your friends are at it again at a festival, going absolutely wild.

These are the lies that all festival lovers have told one time or another

This weekend it’s time for REBiRTH Festival, also known as the opening of the festival season. If you go to this festival, you’re definitely going to hear these excuses. For more information about REBiRTH Festival, go to the official Facebook event.

Photo by Facebook-pagina REBiRTH

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