Lil Texas’ American hardcore has been added to the Snakepit line-up: “And I’m joining Most Wanted DJ Agency!”

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Inspiring a groundbreaking movement in American hardcore, we talked to the self-titled ‘Western Kink Daddy’ who has been added to the grand Snakepit 2019 uptempo line-up. The unique Lil Texas also told us he will from henceforward be a part of the Most Wanted DJ empire, and explains more about what his act stands for.  

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Lil Texas is quite the unique artist; a hardcore cowboy hailing from the United States. “I’m a Nü- Metal enthusiast, I love terrible reality TV, Paris Hilton, rhinestones, horror movies, hardcore, uptempo, rawstyle, and terror of all varieties. I think I’m unique because I do whatever I want and that’s my policy! No way to progress things by doing the same thing other people are doing.” 

“I’ve been working my ass off to be the new ambassador of American Hardcore”

The hardcore DJ started his musical career a little over a year ago, after he was getting bored with the American EDM scene. “I’ve always been listening to hardcore and needed a change career and brand wise. I decided to take a risk and start making 200 BPM hardcore in my own way and it caught on!” Artists like Porter Robinson, Valentino Khan and Marshmello played his tracks, and after that he knew for sure hardcore was calling his name. Sucker Punch’, The Block‘ and ‘Hardcore Heartbreak’ are only a few of the American explosions that followed.

“I’ve been working my ass off every day since to get better and be the new ambassador of American Hardcore.” And working his ass off has paid off as well: from now on he will continue to spread “The Gospel of Hardcore” around the world with the support of Most Wanted DJ Agency! Along with the biggest names within the hard dance scene, Lil Texas will henceforward be represented by this grand agency.

“Expect a very sexy 200+ BPM Texcore set at Snakepit”

It’s quite the big week for Lil Texas: yesterday it was also announced he was added to no less than the Snakepit 2019 – The Need For Speed line-up. “I’m beyond hyped! It will be my very first real hardcore festival, and I’m honored to achieve this after we’ve been working so hard for over a year.” According to the American cowboy, you can therefore expect loads from this performance. “A very sexy set of 200+ BPM hardcore and Texcore. My sets are out of the box and I do a lot of edits in a short amount of time.”

According to Lil Texas, you can definitely expect a lot from him in the near future. “We’re going to show everyone that hardcore exists and is growing in the states. This is just the beginning!” To be kept updated on the latest Lil Texas news, be sure to keep an eye on his socials. Want to see him performing on Snakepit? Buy your tickets here

Footage via Facebook-page Lil Texas

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