Mad Dog & AniMe about Dogfight Records: “Our scene has been monopolized for 10 years”

Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

In the land of hardcore labels, they are a rising star and have established themselves between the big ones in just a short amount of time. We’re obviously talking about Dogfight Records, which was born almost 1,5 years ago. With several label nights across the globe and the release of the Dogfight Hardcore Vol. 2 album recently, we decided to sit down with the leaders of the label Mad Dog & AniMe. “Our goal is to create something that makes our Dogfight clan a unique thing that people are proud to be part of.”

‘Enter the Dogfight!’

Shortly before Dominator 2016, the world received the news that there was a brand new hardcore label entering the scene: Dogfight Records. With plenty of hardcore heavyweights like grandmaster Mad Dog and AniMe signed to the record company, the goal was set to make a change in the world of hardcore. “Hardcore is one of the oldest genres in the electronic music sphere”, says Mad Dog. The Italian hardcore DJ decided to create the label next to his own career. “Over the past 10 years our scene has been monopolized by a bunch of record labels. Dogfight is here to give opportunities to new producers, release more music and build a fresh movement.” And so Mad Dog and AniMe began on their new musical adventure.

The Dogfight label started this movement with just the two of them, but gathered quite a few names over the past year. Big artists like Unexist, Noize Suppressor, Tears of Fury, Broken Minds and Stereotype entered the Dogfight. “They joined the label because it has been a valid project since day one and the results of our work so far are living proof of it”, explains AniMe. “They make this label even bigger every day with their enthusiasm and passion for this music and this is exactly what we are looking for.”

It seems like the label has an eye for talent as well, with Access One and Ignite signed to it’s roster. “They are extremely talented with a unique style and a big sense for the music of tomorrow. Both of them are giving the example to the new generations, by demonstrating that quality is better and can last forever. And that’s exactly the message that we want to spread signing a new Dogfight artist.” But what exactly does it take for an upcoming producer to get signed on Dogfight Records? “We are looking for something that hasn’t been done already; we like serious workers with a small ego and crazy ideas!”

Interview with Mad Dog & AniMe: “We want to build a fresh movement with Dogfight Records”

Besides his own career, Mad Dog took the responsibility to handle Dogfight’s A&R, signing of new talent and to be the labels mentor for musical guidance. I’m basically working 24/7 since the label started 17 months ago”, explains Filippo. “But the results are great and I think a new label into the Hardcore movement was necessary. Moreover, working with new talents is priceless and at the same time refreshing also for my career as producer.”

The Dogfight sounds all come together in a series of albums. The Dogfight Hardcore Vol. 2 has been dropped recently and just like the first one, it provided the scene with lots of new music. “The idea behind the album is simple but genuine”, says AniMe proudly. “Release brand new music and spread our vision on this genre. Also this year, we have 12 brand new songs on CD1 made by all of our artists and it looks like people are really appreciating this concept – we have almost sold out all our copies during the pre-order.”

interview with Mad Dog & AniMe Dogfight Interview Records

Not only does the label release music collectively, but they also throw parties together. After the first strike in Italy the time has come to strike again. On the 6th of January this world class hardcore alliance heads to Eindhoven for the first Dutch edition of Dogfight. “We have huge respect for the homeland of the harder styles, which is why we chose Dynamo as our first Dutch label night in collaboration with Inner Vision.” According to Mad Dog, it’s quite simple why you shouldn’t miss this edition. “We’ve all worked hard to release quality Hardcore over the past year and a half and this event is the right place to listen and dance to all our Dogfight tunes. Moreover, Dogfight is an itinerant event that could happen only once a year in your country. For this reason together with Inner Vision, we chose the suitable line-up and venue to make this night unforgettable. You can expect a lot of new music and energy from the Dogfight Crew. We’re bringing almost all of our Dogfight artists: Me, AniMe, Noize Suppressor, Unexist, Tears of Fury, Ignite, Access One and MC Nolz as master of ceremony.”

“Dogfight is an itinerant event that could happen only once a year in your country”

Now that 2017 is behind us, the label is looking for opportunities to put itself out there with quite a few big plans. AniMe: “Besides our monthly EP, Dogfight Records will release three albums in 2018. Noize Suppressor, Unexist and I are preparing outstanding music that will bring the name of our label even more forward.” Mad Dog: “But we always take a look into the future, that’s why we will present a newcomer artist next year. Our goal is to create something that makes our Dogfight clan a unique thing that people are proud to be part of.”

Witness the strength of Dogfight Records at their Dutch Edition on Saturday 6 January 2018 in Dynamo Eindhoven. Tickets for this event are available at

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