Mad Dog will release a new EP: ‘Laughing Loud’

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Last friday, DJ Mad Dog announced that he will be releasing a brand-new EP: Laughing Loud. He posted a teaser of the EP on his social media, including two track names and a release date.

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Mad Dog has released several EPs and albums already, like Till I Die, A Real Voice and Rewind. The producer also founded the label Dogfight Records with some of his fellow hardcore DJs, such as AniMe and Noize Suppressor. Now it’s time to add more to his hardcore resume: the EP Laughing Loud.

Laughing Loud

The EP Laughing Loud will be released the 13th of September on Mad Dog’s label Dogfight Records. According to the teaser, the EP will include the new tracks ‘Laughing Loud‘ and ‘Bust Your Chest‘.

Footage via Facebook-page Mad Dog 

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