Miss K8 is closing down Qlimax – Symphony of Shadows

Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

Qlimax is one of most famous events in the harder styles scene. Q-dance gave already some hints about this years line-up a few weeks ago and today artists had been confirming these hints. Now Miss K8 revealed that she’s the chosen one who will be closing down Symphony of Shadows.

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While this night is mostly about hardstyle, it’s tradition that one of the leading hardcore DJs is closing down the GelreDome. With tens of thousands of visitors, it’s a great honor to be the selected hardcore act to end the party. Now we know, Miss K8 will perform at Qlimax.

“I did the closing set at such awesome festivals like Dominator, Decibel, Supremacy, The Qontinent, Reverze Q-BASE, IMPAQT & more”,  she posted earlier today in her Instagram story. Now she added the “undercover of a hidden truth”: she’s the one “who shows no mercy”. It’s a major success in a hardcore DJ’s career to perform at Qlimax in the legendary station in Arnhem. In the last years, Angerfist, N-Vitral and Dr. Peacock were the chosen ones.

Qlimax – Symphony of Shadows

The member ticket sale is already sold out. The regular sale for Qlimax – Symphony of Shadows will start on 14th September, 13:00 (CET) at the official ticket page. If you want to experience Miss K8’s set at “the biggest immersive show spectacle within the harder styles”, make sure you get your tickets right in time since Qlimax tickets usually sell out very fast.

Footage taken from Facebook page Miss K8

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