Mysterious Instagram account emerges: who or what’s the ‘Afterlife’?

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Yesterday a mysterious Instagram account has emerged, called the ‘Afterlife’. Loads of hardcore DJs have already commented on their first post, as well as following this brand new account. But what is it?   

Even though this new ‘Afterlife’ has something to do with hardcore music, it’s not exactly sure how. Among others, artists such as Broken Minds, X-Pander and F.Noize have already posted the ‘No Rules’ artwork with the caption “more info soon”. But what is the ‘Afterlife’, a new party, a new artist, a new live-act or even a new album?

“We’re coming…”

We still have to wait and see who or what’s this brand new ‘Afterlife’. To be kept updated on the latest news you can of course keep an eye on their socials.


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