N-Vitral about his Masters of Hardcore opening: “This was sick!”

Bob Ligthart
By Bob Ligthart

N-Vitral was responsible for this year’s anthem of Masters of Hardcore and that includes a great show of course. But it turns out that his patience was put to the test right before the madness took place.

The visitors of Masters of Hardcore saw N-Vitral coming down from the roof last Saturday. The hardcore artist floated over the crowd and started with his anthem ‘Vault of Violence’. Together with many lasers, flames, sparks, fireworks and hundred dollar bills flying around, causing an unique opening of his set.

The DJ had enough time to get mentally prepared for his performance. He told to het Brabants Dagblad that he had to enter the DJ booth five hours before he had to start his set, due to practical reasons. “I was cosy and in good company of a stage manager all that time. Well, I went through time just fine. There was awesome music constantly, what else does someone need?” A long time of waiting for N-Vitral, but this has lead him an unforgettable moment in his career. He even calls it maybe the best thing that ever happened to him.

5 hours of waiting, but it was all worth it

A record number of more than 25.000 people visited the Brabanthallen last Saturday for Vault of Violence. The next edition will take place on Saturday the 28th of March 2020 and that’s the 25th anniversary of Masters of Hardcore.

N-Vitral Masters of Hardcore 2019 opening show

Footage taken from Facebook pages N-Vitral & Masters of Hardcore

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