Neophyte presents groundbreaking podcast: ‘Ambassador Of Hardcore’

Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Hardcore legend Neophyte is back and comes with a brand new podcast starting this week. Every first Friday of the month, the Neophyte Records frontman will invite high-profile guests for interviews and a connecting set.

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With a career spanning more than 25 years at the top of the hardcore scene, Neophyte has more than enough to tell. As the Dutch saying goes “Onkruid vergaat niet” and the Ambassador of Hardcore has plenty of topics for you in store, such as stories about the past, behind the scenes and things you didn’t know about hardcore.

Of course Neophyte does not do this alone and every month a guest will be invited to the studio. Not only to talk about hardcore, but also for a 40 minute mix with the best music the scene has to offer. “As Ambassador of Hardcore, no genre will be skipped in this podcast. From mainstream hardcore to industrial, from early to millennium: Breaking boundaries.”

All about hardcore in Neophyte’s new podcast: Ambassador of Hardcore

The first guest to kick off is ‘a hardcore legend from New York City USA’. Neophyte’s Ambassador of Hardcore podcast can be seen on YouTube on Friday the 1st of October from 20:00 CET, and will be available on Soundcloud later.

Footage taken from Facebook page Neophyte

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