Never Surrender and Furyan are working together for a brand new collab

Bob Ligthart
By Bob Ligthart

The two hardcore DJs Never Surrender and Furyan are working together in the studio for a new collab. They’re both part of Neophyte Records and this is the first time the artists are joining forces for a track.

Never Surrender and Furyan both announced they’re working together for a new track. The hardcore DJs haven’t made a collab together yet, but this is going to change now. Both artists are doing really well for a while now and they release new tracks frequently. That’s how Furyan recently came up with ‘Kokeen’, that already has more than 100 thousand streams on Spotify and Never Surrender’s collab with Paul Elstak ‘Beyond Your Control’ has tens of thousands views on YouTube within a few days.

Never Surrender and Furyan working on first collab

The men have yet only announced they’re together working on a track, but when this will be released isn’t clear so far. To stay up to date about this collab, go to the Facebook page of Never Surrender.


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Footage by Facebook pages Never Surrender and Furyan

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