Never Surrender comes with video series ‘Behind The Music’

Mark de Rond
By Mark de Rond

Recently Never Surrender started with the video series ‘Behind The Music’. In this series he explains some of his creative choices while producing tracks. The first episode is about his track ‘Rising Rebellion’.

In this new video series, hardcore DJ Never Surrender is giving more details about some elements in his tracks. He show us how different elements come to life in his track. This first episode he is talking about some elements of his track ‘Rising Rebellion’“I decided to give this track a dark feeling, so that’s the reason why I chose this dark cinematic low voice”, Never Surrender explained.

Never Surrender explains his creative choices

It’s not the first time that Ramon explains something about music, since he is a teacher at the Music Production Academy. During this video he is going into the depth on some elements of his track ‘Rising Rebellion’, so he isn’t teaching sound design during his series ‘Behind The Music’. When he post the next episodes isn’t clear yet.

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