Never Surrender is coming with his first album: “This long time dream will finally become reality”

Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

Hardcore DJ Never Surrender just came out with a big announcement: next year, he will release his very first album: “Sick things coming up!” We talked to the Neophyte Records artist and he already gave us a sneak peek of what the album is all about.

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On his socials, Never Surrender published a video in which he shares the news: “I’ve got a very special Christmas gift for you. This long time dream will finally become reality, because next year I will release my very first album. Join the rebellion and together we will rise!” According to the artist, it will contain some collabs with big names, but mainly solo productions. He clarifies there’ll be only brand new tracks on it and no old or released ones.

With this upcoming album, Never Surrender wants to present the style he stands for within the hardcore scene and furthermore, he aims to tell a story which will only be understood by his die hard fans. But of course also the ones who don’t recognize a narrative thread will still feel the forces he wants to transmit. On his socials, the DJ already showed he’s working on the album trailer and states to keep his followers updated: “The coming months I’d like to take you on the album journey with me!”

Never Surrender: “I’d like to take you on the album journey with me!”

The producer lets his fans know he’s working hard for his first album, but can’t tell when exactly it’ll come out. If you can’t wait for this upcoming production and want to stay up to date about the release date and further information, keep your eyes on Never Surrender’s socials.


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