Nitrogenetics is making a comeback behind the booth

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Hardcore heroes Nitrogenetics seem to be very busy in the studio again. After didn’t performing for over a year, the gentlemen are now working on a grand project: nothing less than a brand new anthem will be blasted through the speakers this upcoming summer. 

Nitrogenetics is a well-known name within the scene, almost every hardcore lover knows the duo from tracks such as ‘Pledge Of Resistance’, ‘Inside Your Head‘ or ‘Melodic Art’. In October of 2016, Tim took a break from performing, after which he came back as Nitrogenetics once again during History of Hardcore last December. Now he already has two bookings planned, among which the Polish Underworld Festival for which the duo will also create the anthem.

Nitrogenetics returns behind the booth with a brand new anthem

Nitrogenetics definitely know a thing or two about anthems. Together with Rick, Tim created the well-known Dominator 2010 anthem ‘Driven by Fear’. Now there’s a brand new anthem coming our way for Underworld Festival, which will take place the 12th and 13th of July in Poland. So, hopefully this means we can expect more Nitrogenetics performances from now on!

Working on the anthem for Underwold festival ??? #nitrogenetics

Een bericht gedeeld door Tim (@timnitrogenetics) op

Footage via Facebook-page NATURE ONE

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