Nosferatu is recovering from a kidney transplantation

Mark de Rond
By Mark de Rond

Nosferatu let his fans know he is recovering from a kindey transplantation, by a post on his Instagram. The upcoming months we will, logically, hear less from the DJ while he is recovery. 

The hardcore DJ had some problems with his health for a while. Despite that, he came with his album Approach To Midnight on the 21st of December last year. That album is well received among the hardcore lovers. In a post on Instagram he wrote: “Beloving friends, yesterday morning, around 10 o’clock, I became an owner of a donor kindey. Very happy of course, and everything went well. Give me 1 or 2 months to fully recover. After that I will be at the stages again to blow you away. Erwin.”

“Gisterochtend ben ik trotse eigenaar geworden van een donor nier”

If the recovery of this kindey transplantation will make him cancel some of his upcoming gigs isn’t clear. From Hardcore News we wish Erwin all the best, and we hope his recovery will go well. We hope to see hem behind the decks again fast.

Photo by Facebook page Airforce Festival

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