Nosferatu will drop a new album in 2018

Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Right before the end of 2017, Nosferatu has got great last minute nieuws. The Neophyte Records DJ is coming namely with a brand new album and this one will be released in 2018. He seems to be extremely happy about this enjoyable happening, and he explains the reasons why on his social media.

An announcement video appeared on Facebook yesterday, but Nosferatu is going deeper on his Instagram. “Can’t tell how excited I am to do this, but imagine a squirrel consuming an energy drink. That’ll sum up my excitement.”┬áThe details about the forthcoming album are not known yet, but Nosferatu – who already released 3 albums before – says that it’s going to be 100% his own thing. “My style, my vision, my shit.”

There’s a brand new Nosferatu album coming in 2018

The exact date of the album release – except for the fact that it will be in in 2018, duh – has not been revealed yet. Earlier this year, Nosferatu temporarily left the scene because of kidney failures, but has been recovered from that (almost) entirely and is on fire in his studio.

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