NSD is working on his debut album: “Not what you expect”

Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

Uptempo hardcore DJ Noize Secret Doctrine aka NSD played at many big events like Decibel outdoor, Intents Festival and Harmony of Hardcore and is a well-known name in the uptempo scene. After four years in the business, he has now announced he’s producing his first album.

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The Spanish producer just posted the news on his Instagram account: “Album is incoming, and of course not what you expect.” NSD also produces terror and speedcore, so fans can be excited if he’ll combine different subgenres into his debut album.

In 2016 he released his first song ‘Hipnotized Suspect’ under the name of NSD and after that, his DJ  career went straight uphill. He had countless performances in the last years and also made a collab with Angernoizer, called ‘Execute’. His previous tracks had been released on different labels such as Triple SIX records and Uptempo Is The Tempo.

NSD’s debut album is incoming

His last officially released track ‘Rabbi Jacob Jr. Core’ came out in June, but fans have to be patient until the album is finished. NSD wrote in his Instagram post the production “will take some time” and fans shouldn’t ask for a release date yet. To stay up to date, keep an eye on his social media accounts.


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So, doctrine records speaking like: Cryine Waltz Album is in coming, and of course, not what you expect. will take some time don’t ask for date yet.???? #notserious

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