‘Ode to the Godfather’ is the ultimate tribute to Paul Elstak

Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

In April this year, DJ Paul Elstak got his well deserved solo event in Ahoy Rotterdam. The Godfather of Hardcore celebrated his long career together with fellow DJ’s, who all stepped it up for this special occasion. One of those fellow artists who played at the event was Partyraiser, who hit the studio with Repix for a special tribute to Paul Elstak. And today they’ve released it’s videoclip.

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“DJ Paul, make it fucking louder!” This little line-up of lyrics has been shouted by the audience on a weekly basis since it made it’s debut in Ahoy. The track became a hit straight away and also Paul Elstak plays it in most of his sets. Just to make it a little more special than it already is, Partyraiser and Repix decided to make a video clip together for their tribute. This one takes you on a journey through the impressive career of Paul Elstak. Check it out down below.

The ‘Ode to the Godfather’ videoclip puts Paul Elstak in the spotlights

As of today the collab between Partyraiser and Repix is still popular in the scene. The track has not been released yet, but if we may believe Partyraiser on his social media he’s counting the days for the record to be finally out there. ‘Ode to the Godfather’ will hit the (digital) stores on the 17th of November this year. Stay tuned and enjoy all of the (old) footage with Paul Elstak as center piece.

Cover image via Facebook page Paul Elstak

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