Odium comes with first EP as solo act: “Are you ready for a brand new Odium EP?”

Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

Odium used to be known as a duo but two months ago, the two men announced that Loek will continue alone with the project. Now, the hardcore DJ has published he’s coming with a new EP. This upcoming release is his first EP as a solo act. 

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The producer just shared the news about a new production via his socials: “Are you ready for a brand new Odium EP?” Recently he announced he’s busy in the studio at the moment: “Working on a lot of new stuff for y’all! 3 solo tracks, 3 collaborations and 1 insane remix.” If some these songs will be part of the EP isn’t clear until now.

Odium released an EP called Stage 00 earlier this year and it consisted of two tracks: ‘Handz Up’, which you can also hear on the Thunderdome 2019 CD, and ‘To The Ground’, which Mad Dog played on the Thunderdome mainstage. The hardcore act releases his music on Dogfight Records and the tracks ‘Fight’ and ‘Kill’ were also featured on the joint Dogfight album Ready For War. Odium already played at several big events like Decibel outdoor, Intents Festival and Phoenix Festival.

“Are you ready for a brand new Odium EP?”

When the first EP by Odium as a solo act will be released isn’t announced yet. For more information about the production and its release date, check Odium’s socials.


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Are you ready for a BRAND NEW Odium EP? ?

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