Ophidian talks about the split with Enzyme Records and future plans: “I got a lot of questions from all of you”

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Ophidian has been in the scene for years now, and has a lot of releases on his name – among them on the label of Enzyme Records. He received a lot of questions from his fans about his future releases and labels, which made Ophidian decide to explain his split with Enzyme, his current situation and his future plans. 

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He talks about this through an elaborate post on his Facebook. A couple of years ago, Ophidian had a talk with the Enzyme team, in which he explained he won’t be releasing music on their label anymore. In this, according to Ophidian just a normal and friendly meeting, he told them he was no longer inspired by the current scene.

Basically, it seemed like my career had ground to a halt, and I needed a break and a new beginning. We had some tactical and creative differences about what would be the correct direction to be taking my music and the label. It did not feel to me like I was in the right place to move forward, so I made the decision to continue on my own. The reason I have not communicated this split sooner is because I wanted to avoid causing any unnecessary unrest.”

“I’m looking forward to sharing a whole lot of new music with you in the years to come”

What followed was a period of freelancing, “and I must say I very much enjoyed it.” Ophidian created his own Bandcamp store, invested in YouTube with among others his own Challenge Series and he has worked with different labels for releases and other projects.

“Masters of Hardcore, Neophyte Records, Genosha, The Third Movement, and Tha Playah’s soon-to-emerge new label State of Anarchy. Soon I will be adding two more releases to the list: a Meander EP on PRSPCT as well as a new Ophidian release to be announced shortly for yet another label.”

What is to come for the future? Ophidian explains when the time is right, he will talk to the right people for new music, bigger projects and for example merchandise. Down below you can have a look at the entire post.

Footage via Facebook-page Ophidian 

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