Peacock in Concert, Frenchcore Familia & DRS LIVE exclusive at TITANIUM Festival: “You are just crazy if you miss this one!”

Shenna van der Velden
By Shenna van der Velden

The very first edition of TITANIUM Festival will take place at 18 May and the organization has done everything to make this debut one you will never forget. There are lots of exclusive acts playing at the festival, including Peacock in Concert, Frenchcore Familia & DRS LIVE. We spoke with these guys about their plans for TITANIUM and the future. 

TITANIUM Festival will be debut for Frenchcore Familia and DRS LIVE. Frenchcore Familia consists of artists such as Dr. Peacock, The Sickest Squad and BillX: a five star frenchcore formation. “It is the perfect occasion to make our debut at the mainstage of a new concept.” DRS agrees on this: “I thought about this idea for a while now. I just waited for the right moment and that moment has come because I got the opportunity to close the mainstage of TITANIUM.”

Peacock in Concert: “We expand with 2 extra members for TITANIUM Festival!”

TITANIUM will not be the debut for Peacock in Concert, but they do have planned a big and exclusive performance for the festival though. Besides the fact that you can see Peacock in Concert only twice this year, it has lots of addition to the act as well. “We expand 2 extra members for TITANIUM Festival! It will be a musical journey from complete instrumental to hard kicks to deep emotions to different BPM’s, but most importantly: pure pleasure.” The act has also big plans for the future: “We are looking out of the box for special or crazy collaborations!”

DRS: “I am going to surprise people completely with this LIVE show”

No one less than DRS also has big plans for his LIVE debut at TITANIUM. “It will be a sick hard show and I am going to surprise people completely with it. With varying tracks and different genres, where I will invite multiple MC’s LIVE on stage, and play something which our scene has never seen before.” He can’t elaborate on future bookings, but DRS makes clear that he is more ready than ever. “Wait until you’ve heard my upcoming productions. There are some artists that I always wanted to work with for a while now, so I will try to put them as much as possible in the LIVE-act.”

We can expect even more from DRS besides this LIVE-act and big bookings. “I will announce a new merchandise line and a new kind of real life interview. Where I will give a view of my daily life and in the life of the artists around me.” High pressure and many emotions are a part of the DJ/producer life, through the interview he wants to show that this life is not always easy. “I want to give them a better view about what actually happens behind the scenes in our scene.”

Frenchcore Familia: “We are joining forces to bring something new together”

The brand new Frenchcore Familia is a combination of three well-known acts, says Dr. Peacock: “I was already working with BillX for a while now. His own sound that he developed in the Frenchcore is very unique. Originally he is from the Hardtek scene, but he also has been infected with the Frenchcore virus haha! I also have several collaborations with The Sickest Squad, but besides that, they were always my role models. I always wanted to do something together with these guys.” This is now finally going to happen and they are totally ready to bring the Frenchcore family feeling to the crowd. “Music connects us. We are joining forces to bring something new together, but we also wants to show what our individual forces are, and this we would like to combine in one feeling. Lots of interaction with the public, our family.”

According to the new Frenchcore Familia, the potention of Frenchcore is unprecedented. “In our eyes, Frenchcore can develop more and more. Not only in quality, but also in the number of artists that will make this music. The style is in our hearts, so we really want to make Frenchcore even more beautiful and bigger than it already is.” There is a lot to look forward to, including TITANIUM. “A unique interplay with different feelings in one beautiful story with a bit family feeling and connection. 

So we can expect great things at TITANIUM Festival. You don’t want to miss this, according to Peacock in Concert. “A new sick location, a show that will be unique (not only the concert, but the entire festival show) and well yes… You are just crazy if you’re missing out on this!”

TITANIUM Festival – The Hardcore Saga will take place at 18 May 2019 at the recreation area in Middelwaard in Vianen (Utrecht). Tickets are still available through the official website of the event.

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