Pickpocket with pepper spray arrested thanks to Masters of Hardcore crowd

Shenna van der Velden
By Shenna van der Velden

Unfortunately pepper spray- and tear gas has become more common at events. But this time, the pickpocket at Masters of Hardcore is caught by a group of guys. They pushed him to the ground, so he had no change to get away.

The pepper spray incident happened at Masters of Hardcore – Vault of Violence during the set of N-Vitral at the mainstage at the left front. A group of guys noticed this immediately, they caught him en pushed him to the ground so he couldn’t get away. After this, the security was there soon to catch the guy.

The purpose of these pickpockets are to create distraction, so they can steal your valuables as jewels, watches and mobile phones. The pepper spray enters through the nose, throat and eyes and you get a burning feeling, a cough and also watery eyes as a result of that. The pickpockets have the spray in little lighters and pens, so they can easily take it with them by entering the event. Many victims end up at the first aid after a pepper spray situation, because they get heart palpitations and very sultry.

Pickpocket with pepper spray caught at Masters of Hardcore 2019

Unfortunately there are some people who lost their beloved belongings, as jewels and mobile phones. The pepperspray- and tear gas-incident happened earlier at events as Hard Bass and Qlimax.

Photo by Facebook-page Masters of Hardcore


  • Gemma lopez Asensio 01 April 2019 - 17:39

    Hi, I’m from Spain and my boyfriend and my best friend have been robbed of the gold chain with a neck pull, how can I contact to find out if they have found the necklaces?

  • Luca tarricone 02 April 2019 - 01:41

    To me happen the same would be lovely know if police find out the gold from this shit people ??If anyone know something can Tex in my contact


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