Prepare yourself with the ultimate Dominator survival-guide for 2019

Shenna van der Velden
By Shenna van der Velden

The countdown to the world’s biggest hardcore festival has officially started. To make sure you’re absolutely prepared we assembled the ultimate Dominator Festival survival guide, which contains 11 essential tips for visiting this grand hardcore festival. 

Tip 1: Take your earplugs with you

When you visit Dominator, there’s no doubt about it someone’s going to yell “DOMINATOOOOOOR!” in your face (or the cameraman’s face) about 40 times a day. Therefore it might be time to dive into your closet and to find your earplugs, since your vulnerable ears definitely have a lot coming their way.

Tip 2: Don’t forget your Air Max

Besides Dominator being the world’s biggest hardcore event, there is probably no other place on this globe where you’ll find so many Air Max. Dominator offers no less than 7 stages, so you’ll definitely want to make this day a personal record of doing laps. In order to achieve this, of course you reach out for help from your good old Air Max.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen, menigte, lucht, schoenen, baard en buiten

Tip 3: Bring your swimming clothes

One of the best tips is to put on your swimsuit underneath your party outfit. Dominator often has extremely high temperatures, which means taking a swim will make you a very happy raver.

Tip 4: Take a look at the motorcross riders

Even though a festival ticket for Dominator Festival is very expensive, you get loads of entertainment in return. Each year Dominator has a different theme, but the motocross riders are always there to provide you with a beautiful show. ‘A quick rest’ when you have to catch your breath has never had such a great view, since you get to enjoy the motocross riders jump ramps with backflips everywhere.



Tip 5: Work on your language skills at Dominator

If you want to make some new friends at Dominator, you will definitely have to work on your languages. Every single year, countless of foreigners visit the hardcore festival: from the Italian to Spaniards and from Germans to the Australian. Of course you’ll have to be able to ask them politely if they want to take down all of those flags, so you can actually see the mainstage. ¿Por qué?

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, glimlacht, menigte en buiten

Tip 6: You can’t be too careful for the sun

Even though it will look like you’re getting a tan, don’t fall for it: this is the E3-Beach and you will definitely lose this golden tint in the shower. Since Dominator takes place in the midst of summer and you want your body to last all day long, it is very important to have sunscreen. Especially when tons of flames are flying around in front of the mainstage!

Tip 7: Don’t wear your most expensive clothes

Besides a good amount of hardcore music, you’ll also get to enjoy a lot of sand at Dominator.
If you don’t want to throw all of your best clothes away, you might want to leave these clothes at home. Of course you can also just do exactly the opposite, since Dominator is the hardcore event of the year and you want to go there in style no matter the costs.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, glimlacht, op podium, dansen, staan, lucht, baard en buiten

Tip 8: Make sure you eat and drink enough

Eat a pizza, order a coke: just make sure you eat enough salty food and you stay nice and hydrated. You will please absolutely no one when you feel sick and have to sit down, since you could also use this precious time to enjoy a set. Take care of yourself and your friends and enjoy the day.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen

Tip 9: Fuck the fireworks stage

Dominator is known for its gigantic endshow with lots of fireworks, many people will look forward to this. But not terror DJ’s Drokz and Akira, for many years they have there own closing show at the terror stage: ‘Fuck the Fireworks’. You can only find the real die hards here who wants a hard closing.

Tip 10: Take Monday off

Dominator is the world’s greatest hardcore festival. Countless of your favorite DJs, beautiful weather and grand stages will make this one of the best (if not the absolute very best) days of the year. So, take Monday off and make sure you find yourself in front of the gates of Dominator at 11:00 on the 20th of July!

Dominator Festival 2018

Tip 11: Close the event in style and book one of the Hotel Packages

When you have been partying non-stop for 12 hours, and you’re leaving the festival with heavy legs and especially a heavy heart, it’s time for the tiring journey home. To make this as comfortable as possible, Dominator offers Hotel Packages to all people: within minutes, you’ll be able to reminisce about this beautiful day in a hotel bed.

Tip 12: Are you ready yet?

Because ticket sales for Dominator Festival 2019 will already start this Saturday at 13:00. The event is sold out each and every year, so we can definitely recommend getting ready for the ticket sales. For this edition of Dominator – Rally of Retribution you can even buy VIP-tickets for the very first time!

Dominator Festival will take place at Saturday 20 juli 2019 at the E3-Strand in Eersel. Ticket sales will start this Saturday the 6th of April at 13:00 via the official website of the event. For more information about the event and the available Hotel Packages you can also have a look at the website. 

Footage via Facebook-page Dominator 

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