Promo about raw hardstyle DJs playing uptempo: “It just doesn’t make any sense”

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Leading up to the 20th Q-dance anniversary – DEDIQATED – the organisation has been talking to several artists about the hard dance scene in podcasts. This time Endymion, Promo & The Viper were invited, of which especially Promo talked about his frustrations regarding raw hardstyle and uptempo. 

In the podcast they elaborately talk about DEDIQATED, the harder styles and the role of hardcore & te artists’ careers in it. When host E-Life asks if hardcore has a rightful place within the harder styles, Promo answers “no” without a doubt – and he explains why in detail.

“I might say this a little frustrated and annoyed, but I think it’s weird that if I drop a raw hardstyle track now, I would be a sell-out. But, there is no normal- or raw hardstyle artist that doesn’t close down his set with uptempo or hardcore. I believe we should stick to one thing, and or say we are all harder styles and if you’re more successful you get the stages you deserve, or let’s say stick to what you know and quit playing uptempo music in a raw hardstyle area, it just doesn’t make any sense.”

“So many times I have some guy before me blasting uptempo”

According to Promo this is meant for the uptempo artists, and it’s way too easy to play hardcore at the end of your set. “This proves that or you need it to make your set successful or you need it to give people that little extra, even though there’s basically always a hardcore act closing down the event. Respect what he’s doing and let him do the thing that makes him unique. So many times now I have some guy before me blasting uptempo, 180BPM. Do you really need that?

For the full story have a look at the DEDIQATED Podcast down below. Tomorrow all the men will be present at the Q-dance anniversary, for which tickets are still available via the official website. 

Footage via Facebook-page Promo


  • Anastasiya 08 February 2020 - 06:42

    YES UPTEMPO IS NEEDED! What’s the point of mixing if you don’t play around?!?!


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