‘Pure Domination’ of Deadly Guns and MBK officially released

Mark de Rond
By Mark de Rond

You can now listen to ‘Pure Domination‘, the collab of Deadly Guns and MBK, on all platforms. A lot of fans were looking forward to his track since it was premiered. 

‘Pure Dominatoin’ is the first official collaboration between the two uptempo hardcore DJ’s. Almost 6 months ago, the track was premiered. Deadly Guns played the track for the first time at Decibel Outdoor 2018. If the Dutchman and the Spaniard will collaborate more often in the future isn’t clear. A follow up of ‘Pure Domination’ would sound like a dream coming true for the fans.

‘Pure Domination’ of MBK and Deadly Guns is out now

Earlier on, both DJ’s posted several previews of the track on their socials, but now the track is released officially. Click here to listen to the track on Spotify.


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Photo by Facebook page Deadly Guns and Instagram page MBK

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