Scarphase comes with a brand new album

Shenna van der Velden
By Shenna van der Velden

It has been a little bit quiet around Scarphase, but now they announced that they are coming with a brand new album. 2019 will be the year they say…

Scarphase is an act that consists of the duo Partyraiser and F. Noize. Their debut was at Masters of Hardcore 2016 and since then they are very popular in the uptempo scene. The act played at big events as Dominator, Snakepit and Intents Festival also they are known for their EP ‘The Big 10 album mix’. 

They just announced on their Facebook that they will come with a very first album: “Just to let you know, we still love you and we are busy with a stunning super hard album!” 

Scarphase announces brand new album

When the album will released and which tracks the album includes is unknown for now. Fans commented at the Facebook post, saying that they are very excited and can’t wait.

Photo by Facebook-page Scarphase 

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