Sefa and Dr. Peacock aren’t participating in the MoH Top 100 voting: “Making music shouldn’t be a competition”

Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

Since the Masters of Hardcore voting started yesterday, social media is overflown by postings, re-postings and Storys about the contest. Many artists are motivating their fans to vote, but some DJs, like Dr. Peacock and Sefa, have shared why they don’t participate in the contest. 

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Being voted in the Masters of Hardcore Top 100 list by fans is a honor and appreciation for the work of  any artist. Getting these credits can be beneficial for the career and upcoming bookings. In the last years, big names like Miss K8 with ‘Out Of The Frame’ (2018) & ‘Raiders Of Rampage’ (2016) and Partyraiser together with Repix with ‘Ode To The Godfather’ (2017) and ‘Sound Becomes One’, together with Destructive Tendencies (2015) won, of which some of the tracks can be considered as true hardcore hits. However, the list doesn’t necessarily represent the best productions, but sometimes rather the popularity status or even the advertising abilities of an artist.

Last year, Sefa entered the list with a massive amount of 18 tracks, which is nearly 20% of the whole list in total, but this year, this will be all different: Sefa’s tracks won’t be on the list at all, because he decided to not participate in the contest. On his socials he explains his fans his personal reasons: “You guys have supported me more than enough already and I don’t feel the need to ask for even more. Instead, I would like to focus on my work in the studio, and not a popularity contest. If you do vote, make your vote count by supporting genuine and passionate artists.” 

Dr. Peacock: “For me personally, making music shouldn’t be a competition”

Also Dr. Peacock, who’s name could be found respectable 14 times on the Masters of Hardcore Top 100 2018 list, isn’t joining the voting: “All the respect to the ones that are participating. For me personally, making music shouldn’t be a competition. It’s all about making music within the heart. Anyways, I know you support me in every way possible, because I truly have the best and most dedicated fans.”

The voting isn’t equally expressive if important player of the game don’t participate, but of course there’s still a giant list of artists and tracks to choose from. Many hardcore artists and even DJs from the raw hardstyle genre, like Radical Redemption and Crypsis, motivate their fans to vote for them, sometime subtle, sometimes straightforward. Miss K8 e.g. informs followers that the voting is open and names her released tracks and Tha Playah adds in his posting “You can now vote for your favorite Playah tracks in the MoH Top 100!” 


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Also Deadly Guns supports the voting by putting the link in his Instagram biography: “Vote now!”  and N-Vitral expresses the importance of this list in a funny way by uploading a photo of him and his daughter eating ice cream in his Instagram Story: “Please vote for me, so I can buy more ice cream in the future!” Furthermore, the Stories are literally overflown by re-postings of votes by fans: DJs like Andy The Core and Destructive Tendencies share their appreciation for the support this way.

On the other hand, some DJs’ tracks aren’t on the list, although they’d like to see them there, e.g. Ruffneck and Barber. Apparently they didn’t know they have to send their releases in, in order to be put on the list. Therefor, fans can vote for the songs once they’re added to the list.

Masters of Hardcore Top 100 voting

The Masters of Hardcore Top 100 voting is open from now on until 19th December and in the end of the month, the result will be presented. If you want to support your favorite tracks, you can cast your vote on the official Masters of Hardcore website.

Masters of Hardcore Top 100 2019 voting Sefa

Footage via Facebook page Masters of Hardcore

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