Sefa opens up in interview: “I’m not a rockstar DJ and that’s not what I want to become”

Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

Sefa Vlaarkamp, better known as DJ Sefa, played already at festivals like Dominator, Defqon.1 and Harmony of Hardcore. But his way to success was not always easy. In an interview with the Noord-Hollands Dagblad (Dutch daily newspaper) he speaks openly about his younger years, youth welfare office and of course his passion for music.

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19-year old Sefa didn’t really have an easy childhood. His mother gave birth to him when she was just eighteen years old. His Turkish father has never been in the picture. Just his name reminds him of his half-Turkish origin. Due to addiction problems, his mother couldn’t look after for him. “My mother surely did her best to care for me, but the circumstances were too difficult”, he refers to her alcohol- and drug addiction.

Sefa: “I’ve been tested and it turned out I’m highly gifted”

In his younger years he also played soccer, but he wasn’t the sort of guy for team sports. However, at school he did better: “I was very curious and read for example encyclopedias. Besides that, I was enormously interested in history, and still am, by the way.” But at middle school he wasn’t doing so well for some time. No motivation and problems with teachers, therefor the school attendance officer came and send him to a lower learning level. 

Sefa acquired DJ’ing by himself. He got a laptop with a music production program and was immediately in love. “That I could do something like this by pressing buttons was kind of magic. I never stopped loving it.” Fortuitously he met Dr. Peacock who saw a lot of DJ potential in the young Sefa. Like this he came into the world of harder styles. Soon he started to play at events and after his high school exams started completely.

“Now I see how it grows. The number of booking increases, the views online go up aswell and DJ colleagues want to work with me.” In this young age, Sefa archived already a lot. He was the first frenchcore DJ who played at the Defqon.1 mainstage and he was responsible for the Titan Showcase at IMPAQT.

“I’m not a rockstar DJ and that’s not what I want to become”

The Noord-Hollands Dagblad describes Sefa as a humble, intelligent guy. “I’m not a rockstar DJ and that’s not want I want to become. Due to success you may feel better than others, that’s not how I want to be. Therefor it’s awesome to live with my grandma.” Beside his passion for frenchcore, Sefa is known to be also very interested in classical music. He taught himself to play the piano and organs attract his attention: “I like church music a lot. And I say that as someone who got raised secularistically or godless.”

You can read the full interview with Sefa in the latest Noord-Hollands Dagblad. Go to the official website to get the whole article. 

Footage taken from the Qontinent website

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