Sefa stops as pianist of Peacock in Concert: “I’ll be leaving with a warm heart”

Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

Frenchcore DJ Sefa is besides his solo career also known as a pianist of Peacock in Concert. Since the beginning of his career he had been part of the musical concept. However, through his Instagram story he has now informed his fans that he will no longer be part of Peacock in Concert.

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He frankly speaks about his farewell to Peacock in Concert and Sefa fans: “When Steve (Dr. Peacock) first approached me to perform with Peacock in Concert as a Pianist, I was honored and horrified at the same time. I had just been playing piano for 6 months and my career was still yet to kick off”, Sefa tells. “At this critical moment in my musical journey, Peacock in Concert gave me the opportunity to grow personally and practice and perform with professional musicians. Together with the crew I’ve had the pleasure to perform at numerous big events and create lasting memories.”

“Because of the immense growth that my solo career underwent last year, my priorities have shifted”, he continues. “This meant less time to engage in activities regarding Peacock in Concert, resulting in me and the band growing apart. That is the main reason why from now on, I won’t be part of Peacock in Concert anymore.”

In the YouTube documentary of Peacock in Concert Sefa tells about the start of his career and how he came into contact with Steve at a young age. He also says Peacock in Concert had been an enormous stepping stone for his career. This year, the 19-year old played at the BLACK and RED stage at Defqon.1. Since he has become an indispensable name on the line-up of huge events like Dominator, Harmony of Hardcore, Defqon.1 and Intents Festival, he now decided to say goodbye to his spot in the band as a pianist.

“Because of the immense growth of my solo career, my priorities have shifted”

Sefa ends his message in a positive way and wishes Steve and the band success in the future, where a new talented pianist will take his place. “I will be leaving with a warm heart and a lot of memories that will last a lifetime.” The first Peacock in Concert without Sefa on the piano will take place on 19th October in the 013 in Tilburg. Tickets are still available via the official BKJN website.

Footage taken from Facebook fanpage Sefa

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