Sefa’s Defqon.1 anthem ‘One Tribe’ can completely be heard now

Bob Ligthart
By Bob Ligthart

The Defqon.1 anthem has as we know three creators this year and sefa has now released his part of the production. The organization of the festival has dedicated this week to him, with the release of this track as climax.

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After Phuture Noize and KELTEK, Sefa has released his part of the Defqon.1 anthem ‘One Tribe’. So his version of the track can also fully be heard now. The most ferocious Defqon.1 anthem in history has arrived”, posted Defqon.1. This week, the frenchcore DJ also took the Spotify playlist of Defqon.1 over to get everybody already in the mood.

Besides making the anthem, Sefa got another very important task from Q-dance, since he will close down the festival this year during The Closing Ceremony. This means he is the first frenchcore DJ ever who will be closing Defqon.1.

Sefa has released his Defqon.1 anthem

The frenchcore DJ is the last out of the three creators who released a part of the anthem separately, so all versions are out now. For the track or more information about Defqon.1, go to the Facebook page of the festival.

Photo by Facebook page Phoenix Festival

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