Sjammienators shares Uptempo Is The Tempo 2.5 hours Celebration Mix and new remix contest

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

This week, Sjammienators is making sure people at home aren’t bored! Not only did he make a 2.5 hours Celebration Mix for the Uptempo Is The Tempo Podcast, but he also introduced a new remix contest for ‘Mop Mop Gas Der Op’. 

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For Episode 20 of Uptempo Is The Tempo, Sjammienators decided to take it to the next level with a een 2.5 hours Celebration Mix of the very best tracks he has played in Episode 1 until 19 so far. Furthermore he announced the format will change a bit starting Episode 21: even though you will still be able to listen to the mix on SoundCloud, Sjammienators will also come with a new livestream “at a cool location with other guest DJs.

“Enjoy and make some crazy remixes!”

Besides this, Sjammienators also introduced a new remix contest for ‘Mop Mop Gas Der Op’, which you can send to before the 1st of May. You can download the remix pack via Dropbox or via WeTransfer“Enjoy and make some crazy remixes!” 

Footage via Facebook-page Sjammienators

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