Sjammienators will start his own bookings agency: “Talents are falling between two stools”

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Sjammienators is a well-known name within the hardcore scene, thanks to his hard releases on his own label Uptempo Is The Tempo Records. Yesterday the DJ announced he has even more big plans for 2020, among which his very own bookings agency!

Sjammienators revealed this in an interview with DJ Thera, who came by the uptempo producer’s studio. Besides his love for hardstyle classics and collabs with DJ Thera, Sjammienators talks more about his upcoming projects for 2020. “Making loads of music”¬†is one of them, but he also announced he will start a brand new – small-scale – bookings agency.

“A lot of guys are falling between two stools, they for example cannot go to a Beter Kom Je Niet or a Footworxx or anything like that, but they are creating their own bookings already. I want to help them with a little structure. And if they want to, they can also release on my label. I just want to support these guys. Also not long-term, so they can easily leave when they can go further in their musical careers.”

“I just want to support these guys”

We still have to wait and see when Sjammienators will start his new bookings agency and which talents will be under it. For now you can keep an eye on his socials, and have a look at the full interview with DJ Thera down below.

Footage via Facebook-page Sjammienators 

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