Spitnoise announces his brand new ‘Bullshit’ EP

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Yesterday, Spitnoise announced he is coming out with the brand new Bullshit EP. This EP will be released at RSLVD Records, just like his last EP Puta Madre

As Spitnoise, Stan Slegers has spent quite some time in the studio over the past couple of months. Among other things, this resulted in his last release: the Puta Madre EP. In the meantime Spitnoise often shared he was working on new music, he was in the studio with Vandal!sm and last month he told us he has five new tracks ready. This all led to his newest release: Bullshit EP.

“No more words needed”

The new Spitnoise EP Bullshit will be officially released on the 21st of January at RSLVD Records. Which tracks and how many you’ll find on the EP isn’t known yet. For more information about this you can therefore keep an eye on Spitnoise his socials.

Footage via Facebook-page Spitnoise

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