Tha Playah comes with third album and his own label

Bob Ligthart
By Bob Ligthart

Tha Playah been around for a long time now and has earned his stripes in the scene with multiple albums. He already announced that he will drop a new album this year, but surprisingly enough he isn’t going to release it on its current record label Neophyte Records.

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The Playah introduced ‘The Joker’ together with his previous album, because that character stands for absolute mayhem, according to him. In an interview with Masters of Hardcore, he says that hardcore is just like that: “It can be as slow, fast, hard or melodic as you want, as long as it creates complete chaos.” This is the main theme at his third album Sick and Twisted“The album will bring that in a vulgar way – hence the title.

The initial idea was to release a 1CD album, but Tha Playah ended up having so many ideas, that it turned out to be a double album: with lots of solo tracks and a couple of collabs. He chose to work with some very experienced producers, but he also cooperated with new talented artists. “I just love blending styles together.”

His third album is not the only thing where The Playah is working on, because he’s also setting up a brand new record label, which is called State of Anarchy. He wanted a new platform to publish his music on. “The album seemed like the perfect time to do so, and that’s how I started on setting up my own record label.”

Tha Playah will release third album on his own record label

The hardcore DJ is currently in an important period of his career. The album is finished, but when it’s gonna be released is not clear yet. For the entire interview, go to

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