Tha Playah is working on a new album

Maartje Hagenbeek
By Maartje Hagenbeek

Almost everybody knows tracks like ‘Why So Serious’‘Still Nr. 1’ and ‘Walking The Line’. These tracks all have one thing in common: they are featured on Walking The Line, the album Tha Playah released in 2009. This was the last album the Neophyte Records DJ released, but that is about to change.

Tha Playah shared this news through a movie he posted on his Facebook-page. With this video, he posted the text: “Like a nuclear bomb hitting the ground, boom!! #journeyoflife #sickandtwisted #album.” In a reply, the hardcore DJ told us that the track you hear in the video is ‘Journey of Life’. If this track is also featured on the new album, is not known yet.

After nine years Tha Playah comes with new album

It seems that, nine years after Walking The Line, we can get ready for a new album from Tha Playah. Further information is not yet published. But this summer you can see the Neophyte Records DJ at several festivals. Defqon.1, Dominator and Decibel outdoor are just a few of the events at which he will perform.

Footage taken from Facebook-pagina Tha Playah

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