The 6 sides of the Angerfist ‘Diabolic Dice’ album

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Besides a new edition of his solo-event, the masked hero Angerfist also has a brand new album coming our way: Diabolic Dice. This will be an exclusive compact collectors item, since the album will only be available via on a customized dice USB!

The album will contain no less than 6 solo tracks, one for each side of the dice. We listed all of these tracks for you: these are the hardcore sides of the Diabolic Dice.  

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Side 1: ‘Diabolic Dice’ (Official Anthem)

The very first side of the dice immediately sets the tone for the rest of the album, since ‘Diabolic Dice’ represents the official anthem for the brand new edition of the Angerfist solo-event. This also means this track is the successor of iconic anthems ‘Creed of Chaos’, ‘Raise & Revolt’ and of course ‘The Deadfaced Dimension’. 

“When hope becomes despair, as the darkness descends… The masked mad man is back. Watch as he unlocks the demonic trap. Seize the stones and roll the… Diabolic Dice.”

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Side 2: ‘Soldier’

On this second side of the Diabolic Dice, you’re getting introduced to ‘The Army of Angerfist’, a collective you’ll definitely witness during the solo-event. Besides all of the die-hard fans, also colleague DJs will join this hardcore army, among which none other than Miss K8, Dr. Peacock, Mad Dog, N-Vitral and the well-known Denekamps Gespuis!

“While we stand together no invader shall pass. Let them come with their armies of shadows, they will not pass. And when this day of battle has ended we meet again in victory. Welcome to the army of Angerfist”

Side 3: ‘Freddy’

“Welcome to my nightmare!” For side number 3, Angerfist welcomes you to his Freddy Krueger nightmare: a track with a well-known sound, that has gotten a new hardcore look. This Saturday also the AFAS Live will be transformed into a Nightmare on Elm Street, after the masked man already took over the Brabanthallen in 2014 and 2015.

“One, two, Freddy’s coming for you…”

Side 4: ‘Attack of the Dice’

Videoclip for ‘Attack Of The Dice’ is dropping soon! Angerfist already teased the art for the track on his socials yesterday, so keep an eye on his YouTube channel and be the first to watch it.

Side 5: ‘Solid Stigma’

The fifth side of the dice is represented by the heavy-hitter ‘Solid Stigma’, which will be out in full tomorrow once the album is released. You can check out a snippet of the track below: “I’m the king!”

Side 6: ‘Geto Tremble’

This sixth and therefore final side of the Diabolic Dice is the perfect closing to the new mini-album, in which the BPM is being taken to a whole other level. Also for the solo-event this Saturday, lovers of the harder tempo will consider themselves very happy with artists such as F.Noize, The Satan & Andy the Core behind the decks!

“Rolling with the syndicate, always got something cooking”

Are you now excited to hear this tracks being blasted through the speakers live for the very first time? The album will be officially released on this Saturday the 23rd of November, during the Art of Dance Event Angerfist – Diabolic Dice in the AFAS Live. The final tickets are now available via the official website, so be quick! Click here for all available portals of the album.

Footage via official Facebook-page Art of Dance 

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