The brand new album ‘Master of Destruction’ of MBK is on its way

Shenna van der Velden
By Shenna van der Velden

It has already been clear for a while now that MBK is working on a brand new album. On his socials, he informed the release will take place very soon and now he has posted the first previews.

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Back in 2017, MBK already announced he was working on a new album. The production would have no less than 13 tracks, of which 8 solo tracks, 4 collabs and 1 remix. For the album, Jordi has worked together with artists like DRS, NSD, Cryogenic and Trespassed. A pair of tracks that will be released on the album are ‘Overboosted’ and ‘Basement’.

Master of Destruction is the first album of the uptempo artist and it’s on its way now for real, since MBK said by himself: “The album is ready and will be released before TITANIUM Festival.” In the meantime he will post previews on his socials to give us a sneak peak.

MBK album ‘Master of Destruction’ around the corner

The album will be released on Triple SIX Records and this is going to happen before TITANIUM Festival. To stay up to date about his upcoming album, go to the Facebook page of MBK.


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Preview 1: Darkcontroller – Apocalyptic Darkness (MBK Remix) Full preview on my facebook page. @triple6rec #MBK #Album #TSR #BKJN

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Photo by Instagram page MBK

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