The internet is getting crazy about Tha Playah’s new album: ‘Sick and Twisted’

Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

The new album of Tha Playah, named Sick and Twisted, came out on 23rd August. It took quite a while to be finished – last year The Joker announced that he’s busy working on this production – but the long wait pays off. Social media is still filled with positive reactions about this album: “This is what we had been waiting for!”

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Earlier this year, Tha Playah told in an interview with Masters of Hardcore magazine that in the past his focus was on pushing out single releases. “But during 2018 I had so much inspiration as I was working on projects that I felt the time was right to finally start on a new album.” And this is how Sick and Twisted was born. Furthermore he wanted a new platform to publish his own music. Therefor his album was one of the first releases of his brand new label State of Anarchy.

“With this merciless album, Tha Playah points out his identity”

His fans react hyped about the album on Tha Playah’s socials: “The best hardcore album in years”, is one of many reactions coming in the last days. When he asked his fans about their favorite track of the album, even more positive reactions came out: “This album is ‘Still Nr. 1’, which is also one of the best tracks of the album.”

At this years Defqon.1, Tha Playah played a Sick and Twisted album showcase at the BLACK stage. And his new song with Ophidian ‘Return to Greatness’ was part of the Decibel endshow. The album consists of two CDs with overall 30 new tracks. Among them many solo productions, different collabs with big names in the hardcore scene, the anthem of Masters of Hardcore Austria 2019 and remixes of old Tha Playah tracks like ‘My Misery’ and ‘Down Below’.

Can we expect more hardcore albums in the near future?

After Tha Playah’s album, we can probably expect even more albums coming soon. Angerfist will present his new Diabolic Dice during his new event at AFAS Live. Furthermore Scarphase wants to bring out his second album soon, which is highly anticipated by his fans after the showcase at the Dominator mainstage.

The physical album ‘Sick and Twisted’ is sold out at the moment. But of course you can listen to Tha Playah’s new album at different streaming platforms.

Footage taken from Facebook page Tha Playah

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