The new gabber documentary Uniform is a must see for every hardcore fanatic

Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Australians, Air Max en bald heads. Characteristics that obviously belong to the biggest youth culture we know in the Netherlands. We are talking about the gabbers, who still get to deal with general prejudice as of today. The new gabber documentary Uniform – The Dress Code Of Dutch Hardcore Culture covers the entire movement and we couldn’t have told you it any better. Check out the full docu down below.

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At some parties you’ll still see all colors of the rainbow in Australian suits and Air Maxes, but back in the day that was pretty normal. The timeline of the gabbers gets addressed completely, with Francois Maas (Thunderdome), Drokz and Amada among others are featured in the video.

Airmax, Australians & hardcore: this is the gabber documentary Uniform

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