The old and the new generation of hardcore about the uniqueness of Decibel outdoor – Drokz & Spitnoise

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Drokz and Spitnoise represent the old and the new generation within hardcore. These two worlds will collide this weekend during a brand new edition of Decibel outdoor, where both men can be found behind the booth once again. We talked to Drokz and Spitnoise about their Decibel highlights, the uniqueness of the festival and why Decibel stays relevant for both the younger and older audience! 

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Grandpa Drokz is known for his great love for terror, and belongs to the old generation of the hardcore genre. Furthermore, Richard also has a great love for Decibel: “The diversity in music is what makes Decibel unique to me. I had a look at the Darkness4life line-up back in 2007 and even Outblast was on there. Terror Suzy as well, who was one of the few chicks at that time who really knew how to DJ, along with Lady Dana. Those were the days!”

“You know I tell you like it is, and I’ll do it now too”

Drokz can be seen as a seasoned Decibel visitor, with no less than 7 performances in the past. In 2009 he even experienced one of the highlights of his career here, which he tells us about in great detail. “You know I tell you like it is, and I’ll do it now too. Listen, someone played before me and it just wasn’t a match between him and the Decibel audience. When I was about to start my performance, the area was as good as empty! I was cursing like hell, since I finally was performing at Decibel and this happened. So, I was cranky beyond limits and even though Mr. Courage tried to make me feel better, that was definitely difficult.

Eventually Drokz just thought about the people that deserved a good set, and the fact numbers don’t matter. “‘No whining, you have to be grateful you even get to play here’, is what I told myself. I started with 50 people and had to focus a lot because of everything that was going on. So, I wasn’t looking at the crowd for a moment, but when I did during the second transition… The area was FULLY PACKED! The beast in me came out and the energy was just so fucking special. I will never ever forget this!” 

“Decibel is for both the younger and older crowd, because the older generations are now making room for the young ones”

As part of the older generation, Drokz witnessed the ‘evolution’ of Decibel outdoor. According to him, atmosphere wise the festival actually hasn’t changed. “Of course it did grow tremendously. And I also noticed a lot of people visit Decibel to enjoy the ‘brabantse gezelligheid’ at the Pussy lounge.” It is and will always be an epic party, according to Drokz: “Decibel is for both the younger and older crowd, because the older generations are now making room for the young ones. Your brother of sister tells you what a crazy party Decibel is, which makes you go too – and you keep going!

Every year on his socials, Drokz warns the Beekse Bergen can get ready for DeciHELL in the terror area, his favorite place of the festival. “The intimacy is what makes the terror area so great. We don’t need to have to biggest stage; in terror it’s not about numbers, but about the dedicated Terrorheads. We don’t need crazy decoration, WE WANT TO MAKE LOUD NOISE!” According to Drokz, B2S is keeping this more and more in mind, which resulted in a great relationship. “I know Tony Papa will be in charge of sound, and within the terror scene he his a hero. If he gets his way, everything will work out great.”

Do you love hardcore and are you visiting Decibel?  “Just walk a couple of rounds, and if you hear something you like stay there! The personal timetables never work anyway, haha.” Drokz himself will stay at the terror this weekend, as expected. “Those are my people, it’s where I feel like I’m home. But, maybe I’ll also have a look at Tha Playah and Angerfist. Their productions sound great, and even though it’s not always my cup of tea, I can enjoy it. But, I will hurry back soon to see Tripped vs, Striker, they are a sickening team!”

“I hear a lot of hardcore and terror I personally don’t like. I shouldn’t complain, but shut up and do it myself”

This Saturday Drokz will perform a special 2 hour set, which you definitely don’t want to miss if you’re a terror lover. “The strength of this set will be diversity. I don’t have any limits and my true followers know that. Old, new, industrial, dark, difficult, straightforward; I will just blast some noise with a lot of passion.” But, you don’t have to expect any ‘weird comedy’ on stage from the terror hero. “I take my music seriously. Just come with me on a journey for 2 hours, and you will see it will already be over before you know it!”

For the future, Drokz is working on a lot of different projects. We can definitely expect a lot from him… “I’m working on my album ‘Defender of Terror’ and of course Proactive HC. The album is taking shape more and more, the dancefloor tracks are as good as finished, so now it’s time for the experimental tracks.” Everything’s no-nonsense, straightforward at a higher speed. “I hear a lot of hardcore and terror I personally don’t like. I shouldn’t complain, but shut up and do it myself. You will definitely hear some of these new tracks at Decibel!”


As SpitnoiseStan Slegers has been working very hard on his way to the top of the hardcore scene, with his energetic uptempo sound. Also this weekend Stan will be present at Decibel outdor, where he will perform on both Saturday and Sunday!

Stan visited Decibel outdoor for the very first time back in 2014, which also was his first weekend festival. “Despite of the bad weather back then, we still enjoyed everything to the fullest!How the tables had turned in 2015, when Spitnoise got to perform at Decibel for the very first time. “My absolute highlight was my first set at Decibel outdoor. It was one of my first big festivals als a DJ, and the atmosphere during my set was just amazing!” 

“There are just so many acts you cannot miss!”

The feeling was mutual, and ever since 2015 Spitnoise got to perform at Decibel every year. Also Stan feels like the atmosphere really hasn’t changed throughout the years. “Evolution wise, I do see the stages, decoration and activities getter bigger and better every year. Luckily the atmosphere and the true Decibel feeling never leaves!” 

Decibel outdoor is one of the biggest harder styles event in the world, and has been at the top of the game for years. For Spitnoise the festival is unique in comparison to other events. “The sick location, the large amount of different genres within hard dance which are being represented, and the campsite with all of the activities are three things that make Decibel unique to me.

Of course hardcore is greatly represented at Decibel: mainstream hardcore, uptempo, millennium, terror, oldschool & early rave and industrial can be found at the festival. According to Spitnoise, you definitely need to visit all of the different stages. “There are just so many acts you cannot miss! Both established names and new talent. I will probably be at the uptempo hardcore stage and the Hardcore4life a lot!”

“On Sunday morning, people party just as hard as they did Saturday night!”

The uptempo DJ is also very happy about the layout of the festival. “A lot of festivals combine – for example – uptempo, industrial and terror at one stage. Personally, I just really don’t support this. At Decibel, all the different styles have their own stages, so everyone can truly listen to their favorite music all day long – it’s great!” And if you want to say hi to Stan yourself… “I’ll definitely visit Trespassed and Vandal!sm myself!”

A big part of the Decibel experience is connected to the campsite, where Stan has spent quite the hours as both visitor and DJ. For example, Spitnoise performed at both the pre-party and the infamous foam party. “The Decibel campsite distinguishes itself through all of the activities. On Sunday morning, people party just as hard as they did Saturday night!”   

“This edition of Decibel will without a doubt be legendary”

This Friday it’s time for a brand new edition of Decibel outdoor, during which we get to enjoy the festival grounds for 3 days straight. Spitnoise will perform solo at the hardcore stage, and vs. System:Overload at the uptempo stage this year. “During both sets I will play a lot of new music! My previous sets vs. System:Overload were always great, and Saturday we will go full force once again. On Sunday I’ll close down the hardcore with a 1.5 hour set, to strip you of your very last energy!”

And last but not least: why should both the young and old crowd still buy a ticket for Decibel? “This edition of Decibel will without a doubt be legendary. For the first time we can enter the festival grounds for multiple days, which makes sure there’s always a sick act! I truly can’t wait, see you Saturday!

Decibel outdoor will take place on the 16th, 17th and 18th of August 2019 in Hilvarenbeek. Tickets are still available via the official website of the event, on which you’ll also find more information about the upcoming edition.

Footage via official website B2S

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