The ongoing discussion about legalising XTC: “Taking a pill is healthier than a beer!”

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

You cannot deny XTC has been a part of the dance-scene for years and this will very likely remain this way. The legalisation of XTC has been a returning subject in politics and now it’s that time again in the Netherlands.

Arjen Lubach started this discussion in ‘Zondag met Lubach’, which is a Dutch talkshow. The RIVM has done research on what are the most dangerous types of drugs. The research showed tabacco, cannabis and alcohol are all three more dangerous than XTC looking at chronic toxicity, addiction, individual social dammage and social dammage to the population. Therefore it really is healthier if you take an XTC pill rather than a beer.

“For the new generations XTC is a part of their culture”

A decrease in criminal activities, safe pills, less people dying, taking your drugs to a party without being punished: seems like a closed case? Unfortunately current politics do not agree and the positive consequences of legalising XTC definitely needs further research for them.“

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