The Sickest Squad announces new album for 15th anniversary

Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

The men of The Sickest Squad have announced they will come out with a brand new album next year, in order to celebrate the fact they’ve been in the hardcore scene for 15 years. 

The Italian duo The Sickest Squad has been active in the scene ever since 2005, and are known for their hard frenchcore kicks and tracks such as ‘Blue’, ‘Ass bass n bitches’ and ‘Lose Your Mind’. To celebrate their 15-years anniversary, the men announced via their Instagram Stories they will come out with a brand new album in 2020.

“An album for 15 years of SICKCORE”

We still have to wait and see when the album will officially be released. For more information you can also keep an eye on The Sickest Squad socials .

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