The Sickest Squad is experimenting with new track ‘Blue’

Maartje Hagenbeek
By Maartje Hagenbeek

The Italian duo The Sickest Squad is producing music for our scene since 2005 and nowadays they are known for their brutal frenchcore kicks. The gentleman thought now was the right time to experiment with music from other genres. It looks like their newest track ‘Blue’ is produced with influences from other genres, like psytrance.

Last Monday the lads from the Brutale label posted this on their Facebook-page: “Are you ready for something you would never expect?” A day later the preview of ‘Blue’ came online, the newest track of The Sickest Squad. Not only the track itself has influences from another scene, the videoclip is also something else than the gentleman normally produce.

“Expect the unexpected”

The Italian duo is very pleased with the result and they have invested a lot of time in producing this video. They also told that this track is a preview of their newest EP Chromesthesia. On the 19th of June the full track ‘Blue’ will be released. You can find the preview below.

Omslagfoto via Facebook-pagina The Sickest Squad

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