The Stunned Guys goes back in time with ‘Rewinds’

Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

During the past 25 years The Stunned Guys have delivered dozens of the most influential, innovative and representing tracks in the hardcore scene. But now, the Italian DJ goes back to the golden old periodes in hardcore with The Stunned Guys’ Rewinds – Best of 1994 – 2012 with three gigantic mixes.

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No matter the style: they’ve been there in the real early days of hardcore, in happy hardcore times, when it has became darkcore, and in the whole new millenium period. We’re talking about decades of music. We’re talking about more than 200 tracks and remixes released as The Stunned Guys or as various side projects like Baba Nation, Wasting Program, Turbolenza, Da Beatblower. Here is the selection of the most representative tracks of the whole discogs, remastered and repacked in 3 discs/playlists of the 3 macro periods of The Stunned Guys’ hardcore history: Early Hardcore 1994/1997, Early Hardcore 1998/2000 and Millenium Hardcore 2000/2012.

The good old hardcore in The Stunned Guys’ Rewinds

So now just rewind the hardcore scene’s timeline and take a listen to what The Stunned Guys have done. The Stunned Guys’ Rewinds is now avaiable on your favorite portal. It also seems like we can expierence The Stunned Guys’ Rewinds at one of the festivals this summers: the act is now avaiable for bookings for the early/millennium stages.

Footage taken from website Sonic Solution

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