This is how the new studio of Paul Elstak looks like

Charlotte van Deursen
By Charlotte van Deursen

It seemed for a moment that something like a spaceship came down from the sky, but nothing could be further from the truth. The new studio of Paul Elstak is finished and he proudly shared it on his social media.

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It may seem like a spaceship, but just like Paul says: “No it’s not a spaceship, it’s my new studio. Thanks Jan Morel for this amazing result!” And it is really awesome for sure. Other artists and his fans have let him know in the comments how cool they think the new studio is.

Paul will spend lots of time in his intergalactic studio in the near future. He says that there will be new collaborations soon and that he can’t wait to get back to work. Paul certainly doesn’t hold still and states that he is working on some new tracks with D-Fence, Jebroer, Dr Phunk, LNY TNZ, Boogshe, Never Surrender and Outsiders.

Paul Elstak about his new studio: “Can’t wait to make new bangers”

It’s not clear when all these tracks will be released. You can keep an eye on the social media channels of Paul Elstak if you wish to be kept informed.

Photo by Facebook page Jan Morel

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